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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Finding our Patch

We were doing a lot of looking on the internet for properties in this area, and Peter had avoided looking at this one because the photos weren't of interest to him - they were only of trees.  Conversely these were the pictures that attracted me because the trees reminded me of the house and garden I grew up in.
When I finally got Peter to look at the pictures properly, his interest started to increase.  As a builder he could see a number of issues with the farm house built during the war years.  Nevertheless we both wanted to see it.
We visited on a cold sunny winter's day and although the garden looked sad and neglected, we both liked it straight away.  We agreed the inside was liveable although certainly not to our taste.  Even Billy, our Jack Russell cross was enthusiastic - but then he was always enthusiastic about everything.

The requirements were:  

  • Enough land for us to put our plans into action.
  • Close to town because I wasn't sure I could go from suburbia to isolation in one step.
  • A good aspect  which would allow for verandahs around to catch the sun or shade depending on the season.
  • Some outlook or views.
  • Power, water and a reasonable house, with some outbuildings.
This one had pretty much all that and a reasonable price tag which we were able to negotiate down so we went for it.  Our offer was accepted and it was ours.
Peter moved in right after settlement but I stayed in Brisbane for another month to finish up work and sell my place.  Then I made the move too and became a 'homemaker' was a huge change of pace for me.

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