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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Esme's triplets

We have three new additions to our flock.  Esme the cranky one, has finally had her lambs – triplets.  I went down to feed them yesterday afternoon, and on hearing little cries – I saw one, two then three sets of legs wobbling around.  She must have had them earlier in the afternoon – in the rain of course – the little mites were shivering like mad.

Esme and her triplets
I put Esme and crew into the ‘birthing suite’ which is a smaller enclosure with a covered area separate to the rest of the flock.  We think this gives both mum and babies time to bond, recover and get stronger.  Mum gets her own food and water supply so she doesn’t need to compete with all the rest of the gang.  We keep them there for 4-5 days and then release them back into to the group.

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