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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Projects around home

Pretty much since we bought the place, we have had it in our minds that we would (a) put a verandah and deck around three sides of the house and (b) possibly extend out from the fourth side of the house.  So following council approval about a month ago, we have been slowly working away on the verandah & deck. Here's the house before anything was started.

First the roof of the undercover area was removed.  Some of this material will be recycled when my greenhouse gets built and the roofing sheets will be used to build a car port onto the side of one of our sheds.  Once this roofed area was removed, it was possible to see what the house looked like originally.  You may be able to see in the middle of the back wall, where the window now is, there was once a door with a small landing with stairs leading down the back.  

Once the roof and posts were gone, holes had to be cut into the concrete to allow for footings and new support posts to be put in.  A local contractor with an augur spent the day with us drilling the holes to the depth specified by council.

Following that, new concrete footings were poured containing the metal stirrups into which the new supports would be bolted.  Some of these supports are 6m in length and made of hardwood so between us, raising, measuring, drilling and bolting these supports is a big job.  The posts have been braced to stop them swaying in the wind. 

So, slowly we move forward.  More to come.

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