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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Goodbye Gertie & Cheryl...

Sheep Update:  Yesterday we sold two of our original girls - Gertie and Cheryl.  A couple from  Canungra rang up in response to our ad and were looking for two lawnmowers.  These two girls fitted the bill perfectly.  They were rounded up and loaded onto the trailer and drove off into the afternoon calling out all the way.  I'll bet they now think they've died and gone to heaven - 3 acres all to themselves! 

Although we were sorry to see the girls go, we really did need to reduce numbers a little as our sheep yards have been eaten fairly bare.  We have been hand feeding all through winter and, with the birth of all the new lambs, the costs of feeding have been escalating. 

We had started with a small flock of six ewes and one ram about 9 months ago, and our numbers now stood at 13.  No doubt over summer, if we have some good rain, our grass will be reinstated, but in the event that doesn't happen, hmmm.

Esme and "the littlies"
Our most recent births, the triplets to Esme, went well for about 2 weeks, but sadly we lost one of "the littlies" a girl one cold windy night.  The remaining girl and boy are both doing well at the moment.

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