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Friday, 6 August 2010

The Vegie Patch

Now that the days are getting warmer and the nights not too often below 5 degrees C, the vegie patch is coming to life.  Last weekend we harvested just over 3kg of beetroots.  I will be cooking and pickling them for sliced beetroot and beetroot chunks - lovely for summer.  The second planting of beets is also maturing nicely and I have just put in a third round of seeds so we have a great supply.

Our sugar snap peas are also starting to be ready for picking.  They are lovely and sweet and can be used both as shelled peas or in a stir-fry as a snow pea substitute.

The beans are flowering, as are the tomatoes - we have over 40 tomato plants so hopefully we will have a good supply as I want to make tomato pasta sauce, tomato relish and semi-dried tomatoes. 

The mini sweet capsicums are also now starting to colour up - we have a nice dark chocolate one, and several other smaller ones still to colour.  Once I have a chilli bush in place, I will be making plenty more chilli jam and sweet chilli sauce.  I still have some chilli pulp in the freezer so I will make a batch to use that up.

We have two cabbages still to harvest, and the next batch are growing well, as are the cauliflowers and broccoli.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the broccoli picks. 

I recently asked my Dad to buy a couple of raspberry plants - I'd like to plant them outside the vegie garden between the boundary fence and the vegie patch fence.  Might encourage Mr Bunny to keep clear of our place for a bit.

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