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Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Vegie Patch

With the warmer weather starting, we have seen some exciting developments in the vegie patch.  For example the cauliflowers are starting to form their luscious white heads.  One plant has four heads on it so far.  These are the Early Snowball variety and they do not get as big as those you see in the green grocers.  As we are only two, a smaller variety suits us better.

We have also seen quite a number of green tomatoes developing on some of the 40 bushes we have growing.  As the bushes are up to nearly 3 feet high, its a bit of a relief to see that not all the plant's energies were put into growth.  I had also tossed some cherry tomatoes into another garden bed to see if their seeds would germinate and happily I can report that they have so we're looking forward to yet another variety for summer eating.

About 2 weeks ago we planted three varieties of sweet corn and these are now starting to poke through the soil.  We planted in four blocks so we should have an abundance fingers crossed.  Also planted at the same time were zucchini plants as we love eating these.  They have now also germinated, so I'm expecting some rapid growth as the days warm up.
Tomato Jungle

Our carrots are very bushy now so we're starting to pull a few up.  Unfortunately we have found that those thinnings we transplanted are all stunted and deformed in shape.  Now I understand why the gardening books say don't transplant carrots as they don't like it.  Lesson learned!

We must be getting close to harvesting our potatoes now, the lush green tops have started to turn a little yellow.  I have had an exploratory poke around and yes, we have spuds!  I'm looking forward to making a lovely mash with these.

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