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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Veggie garden...

Today's haul: tomatoes, zucchini, leeks, papaya, beans, some eggs,

and the biggest parsnips I think I have ever seen (49.5cm is the bigger one).

Thursday, 28 October 2010

What we harvested today....

9.75kg of tomatoes (can't keep up)

4.6kg of zucchini and a handful each of basil and parsley.  The biggest zucchini was 20cm long.

 These ingredients together with some carrot, spring onions, garlic and seasonings, will make a lovely tomato passata.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Roses roses roses

My roses are blooming lovely.  When I pruned them in winter I thought uh oh I've cut back too much, but they have come back better than ever.

The David Austin roses are both flowering strongly.  Their full blown heads are just marvelous.

David Austin Heritage

David Austin Spirit of Hope

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The back deck has a floor

 A milestone at last - we have put the sheets down on the back deck.  After all the rain over the last few weeks, we finally have a fine weekend and we are making the most of it.

This is standing on the deck looking at the back of the house.  The window in the middle of the wall will return to be a door and the window on the right (kitchen) will be enlarged with a servery added.  The window on the left (bathroom) will probably be moved and resized at a later stage.

This photo is standing on the deck looking out to the north east.  This is late in the day so most of what you see is in shadow but in the mornings it will be a lovely spot for breakfast.  The dogs too no doubt will love lying in the sun on a cooler morning.

The last photo here is underneath the deck. Although it's not too high, there is enough room for us to walk comfortably. We will also be storing our camper trailer under here to keep it out of the weather. I will probably park my car here too in wet weather to unload shopping etc.

Now we move onto ballustrading, and then beams etc for the roof. We need to have the roof on by the end of November to allow our solar panels to be installed. Then, we are going to have a long lie down!

Thursday, 7 October 2010


At Easter we planted out about 15-20 coliban seed potatoes.  These have now been harvested.  What a good investment - my little trolley was full.  We've now sorted them into a hessian bag and its about half full.

We were very lucky to score more seed potatoes, the lovely pink desiree from my cousin.  Hopefully we have as much success with these.

Tomatoes are also starting to ripen now, which means I'll be starting to make a tomato pasta sauce.  I was surprised at how difficult it was to find a recipe that used fresh tomatoes rather than tinned ones.  Kind of defeats the purpose from my point of view.