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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Catch Up

So, another bleak day - feels like we're really getting our share this year.  Still there are a few bright spots in a day like this.

First, a great little woodstove to keep the house warm.

Some delightful bulbs flowering.  These are originally from my grandmother's last home, she had moved them with her and when she passed, my cousin and I lifted the bulbs to continue on the tradition.  Fortunately my mother was growing them too, because when we moved out here, my bulbs did not survive and she came to the rescue with these.

Of course, on a wet windy Sunday, there are the workers...Peter pruning and relocating blackberries.

Billy out and about.

And then there are the supervisors....


Days like these are a good opportunity to get some inside work done.  Overnight I made some more vegetable stock in the crock pot.  This morning I started freezing lemon juice.  We have an abundance of lemons at the moment and because we are going to Tasmania later this week, I doubt I'll have time to use the juice for lemon butter or lemon cordial.  So freezing is the best option for now.

The other thing I have done this morning is start off another batch of citrus cleaner.  These pieces of peel are orange, but when I prepare the lemons for juicing I'll peel them and add them to the mix.  This citrus cleaner is great for all sorts of surfaces and leaves a very nice sheen, and smell too.

The rest of the day I plan to do some tidying up (preparing for a visit from my mother!) and perhaps some sewing - I need to make another infinity scarf for Tasmania.  

So to work....


  1. I just love that woodstove, Barb. I wish we had put one in years ago although I don't know where we would fit it in. Our timber house is cold in winter and hot in summer.I must use up some of my citrus cleaner as I have a few bottles of it lurking in the laundry waiting to be used.

    1. And doesn't the cleaner go a murky brown colour after sitting awhile? We are very glad to have the woodstove. Of course the dogs claim the prime spots right in front!

  2. Right Back At Cha Barb. I think the peel cleaner looks nice in the bottle too. I havent started preserving yet so my jar total is two bottles of vodka with vanila beans in it. PS. I dont drink, its for cooking. Honest.

  3. Ok, im all caught up now. Thank goodness you havent posted "war and peace". I get the impression you are keeping a journal of sorts to records you big and small moments. I love to see more of the house and my goodness, you are a great gardener. Im quite new at it and your veggies are huge. I feel like i have a token garden at the moment. Its not enough to live off. I liked your fenced in beds. Where the hell are you. I cannot find a reference as to where you actually are but summise that it must be around Brisbane somewhere. Promise, im not from ASIO.