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Saturday, 20 July 2013


This time last year we planted two stone fruit trees.  We bought them at the 2012 Farm Fest from The Fruit Salad Tree Company where they graft up to 6 different fruits (from the same 'family') on the one tree.

Because I love peaches and nectarines, we got a white peach/nectarine combination and for Peter who likes plums we got a two plum variety as well.

The peach/nectarine tree is flowering it's head off and when I was inspecting it I could see plenty of bees at work, so I'm hopeful for some fruit this summer.

And just for fun, hello from a fellow resident of Barpet's Patch.


We have nine sheep in all, mainly as grass mowers (can't say its lawn).  This afternoon we were talking with one of our neighbours about buying a breeding pair of ducks from them.  I love hearing ducks 'chatting' and every now and then one lets out great belly laugh like sound - as though they're sitting round the kitchen table telling jokes.  

Before the new recruits can move in though, we have to renovate our chook house/run.  We are also getting some meat chickens from another neighbour who is hatching them at present.  That requires a section each for the egg chooks, meat chooks, and ducks.  Hammers are being polished up as we speak.


  1. Barb, I have seen those trees advertised but couldn't imagine what they would look like with different fruits on them. Regarding the lawn mowing, we have guinea pigs for that. LOL!

    1. Yes, I'm keen to see what they look like too. I will take a pic when (if) the time comes. I had seen that Jerry Coleby-Williams has guinea pigs as his lawn mowers too. I had no idea they had that as a secondary purpose to looking cute.