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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


At 8.55am yesterday we welcomed "Charlie" into our flock.  I was sitting at the computer, on the phone to a neighbour, and could see Queenie (mum) lying on her side moving in an unusual way.  I went down to where she was and I could see her waters had broken so I knew she had started lambing.

Because I had to go to Brisbane for a funeral later in the morning I thought I would call Peter to let him know so he would check on her when he came home for lunch about 1pm.  By the time I had walked back to the house, got the phone, walked back down to the sheep yard talking to him, she was very uncomfortable, standing up, sitting down, thrashing around at bit.  Then just after I hung up the phone, plop, out came lambsie.  Mum had her cleaned up in about 20mins and by that time, she had her head up, looking around.  I think she was a bit overcooked because she looked a few days old straight up.

Sadly, things went the other way for one of our other ewes this afternoon.  Just after lunch the sheep were a bit stirred up and I thought something was up.  L1 (she was born before we started the foolish practice of naming our sheep) was calling out constantly, so I suspected she had lambed and had a still birth.  Sure enough, I hunted around in the yard and found him laying amount the nettles. He was perfectly formed, just not big enough.  So I have him wrapped up in a little sheet ready to bury when Peter comes home.

I felt quite sad for L1 as this was her 2nd attempt at lambing, and both had been stillborn.  So I doubt we'll join her again next year.  It is odd, she's only 3 years old so should be fine but clearly there's something wrong.  Her mum Esme on the other hand would have to be 6 or 7 and she always has at least twins.  Perhaps L1 and Esme can keep each other company in the non-maternity yard when the time comes next year.

Anyway, there we are.  One good, one not so good; that's life isn't it?


  1. Congratulations on you new 'baby', Barb. How cute is he? So sad about the other lamb though but as you say, that's life! Why it happens is a bit of a mystery to me.

    1. Yes they are cute when they're that little. We find their antics as they get more adventurous quite hilarious.

  2. There is a reason God made all babies cute. If they werent we would probably give them back. Its a trick. By the time they are no longer cute we have bonded with them and keep them anyway. I do love the lambing season.

  3. Gidday Barb! Talk about busy. So much for the tuckshop only being 2 days a week. I've been working on something or other to do with the tuckshop all week. New menus, new prices, new items. Its kinda fun though but severly interrupting my housework and shopping routine! LOL Thanks for asking.

    Anne xx