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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Silly as it may sound, I love a windy day. I especially like it when I'm at home and can churn out some high level washing to dry really fast.  So today's blowy conditions are very welcome in my house.  If it continues tomorrow I'll be visiting the laundromat in town and hanging out our double sided bed under-blanket (way too heavy for our washing machine).

Love the Hill Hoist

The last week or so has been very all over the place; with health appointments in Brisbane and a family funeral, so a day at home today is just the tonic.  Yesterday we had the birth of the first of our new season's lambs.  I haven't gone close enough to get a good photo, but will when I get the opportunity and will share.

The weekend consisted of restructuring the old chook house/run that came with the place when we moved in.  For the 7 egg chooks we've gone from this:

To this, which is smaller but better we think:

The outside with laying boxes protruding for easy egg collection

The inside with laying boxes 

We also built an duck-house (?) with a couple of nesting boxes for the pair we are about to receive.  Lastly for the meat chooks we have the old chook house (above) which will be refurbished a little to make it more manageable.  Being the handy (not) assistant, I have learned two new skills -using a bench drop-saw and a nail gun.  This is good because I have a few little projects that I would like to tackle myself in the future.

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  1. Good for you, getting in and doing it yourself. What i love is you land and view. I could stay out there all day if i could look at that. I too am my husbands assistant and have learned many DIY skills. My next one is to build on nesting boxes like yours onto the little coop we bought. They have just started to lay and it would be easier for them and for me. Cheers.