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Friday, 12 July 2013

Tasmania Day 4

So, today we drove around the central northern coastal and inland parts of the State.  Of most interest to me was Railton, which I had seen on a gardening program recently featuring fabulous topiary.

Here are some snaps:

Self Explanatory


RSL Memorial Protectors

Baby Elephant & Mum

Imagine having these in your front garden.  A warm day today - 15 degrees!  We also visited Devonport and Port Sorell.  And of course one must visit Anvers Chocolate factory.  Next time, Ashgrove Cheese.

Bye for now.


  1. I saw those gardens too, Barb. Were they featured on Gardening Australia or maybe Better Homes and Gardens? Whatever it was, they certainly are impressive.

    It has been warm here too at 17 or so today. Nice sunny day. Enjoy the rest of the trip!

  2. Amazing topiary Barb. How interesting. I too saw the program on the tele.