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Monday, 26 August 2013


So, for the last few years we have been overhauling our small house to make it meet our needs more.  We prefer to be outside as much as possible so the first item on the list was a verandah/deck on three sides of the house.  The total floor area of the deck now exceeds the internal floor area and having a three sided affair, we are able to use it in almost any weather.

This was our house before:



It is still a work in progress but, as shown in previous posts here, here and here, we are looking very much different theses days.
 You can see we still have some finishing off to do - but it is in full use now.

So we have now turned our minds to other areas.  We want to do the inside of course, but first, thanks to the blacksoil we live on, the house needs some re-stumping and levelling. 

Our builder started work this week, digging out underneath the house in order to do the above, relocate our water pump, replace our povo laundry - and create a sewing room for me while he's there (woo hoo!).  He will also replace the internal stairs we removed when we installed our fireplace last winter.

Some pics of the action:

View of back deck

Underneath at front

More underneath

Southern side of house (my new sewing room)

I think he'll stop digging soon - oil can't be far away!  Anyway, if anyone is interested, there will be more progress shots in the near future.



  1. That looks great, Barb! A lot of work though. Our old house needs restumping and levelling too. The decade of drought and then the floods are to blame for that I guess although we have red soil here.

    I look forward to seeing the progress photos. I would just love to see some progress here but it's not going to happen any time soon until hubby puts the whole 1/2 acre under mulch!

    1. Thanks Michelle, Yes its a long process when you do these things. Good luck with the mulching - we've had to delay our mulching this year, always seems to be something else needing doing!

  2. What a transformation. I see a lot of potential storage space under there. The verandah/deck area is wonderful and did you say fireplace? I guess all good things come to those who wait. Im still waiting. We have similar problems on a slab house. The drought caused it to crack and then of course torrential rains caused our clay soil to swell and you guessed it, cracks in the walls and gaps around the floor where they no longer meet the walls. You dont expect this is a brick veneer less than 20 years old. Im going back to read old posts.

    1. Thanks Lynda, You sure can't tame Mother Earth can you? The type of soil we're on is notorious for movement so we just get over it and move on, but it can be frustrating.

  3. Beautiful verandah's. Looks like some of the "Queenslanders" around where I live. Ideal in our climate.