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Friday, 9 August 2013


When I used to visit my parents on their acreage before they retired, we would always 'do the circuit', that is, a circuit of the garden, discussing various plants and their progress/colour/flowers/etc.  It would take between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on how involved we got.  Do other people do this? Did they ever?  Anyway, I thought today was a nice day for a mini-circuit.
My wheelbarrow of colour

The first of the irises are flowering

Brassica bed

Detroit Beetroot

Lemons (and flowering again)
Strawberry runners
A kind neighbour gave me a couple of strawberry runners to get started.  I just have to find the right spot.  We have a separate 'fruit forest' where our citrus, passionfruit, stonefruit, custard apples, and berry plants are so they'll go there. 

Snow peas & Lazy Housewife Beans
The peas and beans are starting to get a go on.  I had planted them a little early according to the books but with the recent warmer days they think spring is here.

Chilli plants
The embarrassment bed - The chillis are birds eye and citrus (the lower bush in front).  At left is rosemary and at right some self sown sweet peas.  In amongst all is grass (ahem).

Seeds waiting to germinate
My next two trays of seeds contain roma tomatoes, collards (for the chooks) , rocket, iceberg lettuce, more beetroot, cosmos, alyssum, star zinnia, salvia and marigold.

Beautiful winter (?) sky framed by tortured willow (or as they are known here - squiggly trees), which form a screen along one side of our vegie patch.  I have a heap of last year's pruning growing in water waiting to be planted out.

This bed under a pepperina tree is somewhere I hope to give more attention to this spring.  It is a sunny spot and fairly dry due to the tree sucking most of the moisture out of the ground so I'm going to break up some of our gazania clumps and plant them in front there.  At the back are various bits and pieces like geranium, cordyline, and bromeliads that seem to love being under all our big trees.

So that's the mini circuit.  I'll share some more another day.  After being up in Brisbane for the last two days I'd better get to it.


  1. Wow, your garden looks great Barb. I love the embarrassment garden. We have a few of those especially at the moment as hubby has been too busy to weed and I can only do a bit at a time due to back ache. I think we must have had a frost this morning as some of the plants aren't looking too happy.

  2. Just finished the circuit (it doesn't take long) after a week away. Things certainly have grown and they had some heat so alot has gone to seed. Parsley is taking over everything so need to make something with it. It flat leaf Italian. Walking the garden is a bit like when men finish their DIY and stand there looking at it. I noticed the potatoes are well above the soil level so need to cover them up a bit. I did the same with my peas and beans but they have taken off this week. Spring is in the air....