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Thursday, 5 September 2013


We have a new roof!  All it needs now is the whirly bird replaced and tidying up and we're good to go.

Front view

Front and side

Happy I am.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Even though we're digging for oil underneath the house, we thought heck why not put on a new roof while we're at it!

Yesterday the solar panels were removed...

The solar panels 'resting' against the shed

And then today it began...

Removing the old roof

And it is all a bit of a mess in our yard at the moment...

But a couple of good looking blokes were loitering around hoping to catch my eye.

This is our newest rooster - he is for breeding meat chickens.  I would estimate he stands about 2 feet high and looks quite magnificent - he even has feathers on his feet.

This is Fred.  He is a lovely chap - has a lovely iridescent green head and always looks very dapper.  His better half Wilma is currently sitting on a couple of eggs, so was unavailable for this photo.