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Friday, 25 October 2013


The concrete slab was poured downstairs yesterday.  So now we have a floor for the new laundry and sewing room.

Amazing where these trucks can fit into

Looking good.

We also have some new babies to look after.  Three ducklings and one chicken with a gammy leg.  They are currently living on our back verandah in a brooder that Peter made.  They seem happy enough and huddle close together whenever we lift up the lid to change the water or put feed in.

Jessie has appointed herself their minder and sits under the brooder listening to them cheep.  You can see the chicken's gammy left leg sticking out to one side.  He seems to get around fine though.


  1. Hi Barb, you have changed your blog! It's looking good. I did add a comment to your last post but I had a feeling I didn't click 'publish' and just checked and obviously I didn't. I was wondering when you will be moving as you seem to have a lot going on with the renovations. Perhaps when you settle in in Warwick you may be able to join us for some of our Simple Living Toowoomba group's workshops or swaps.

    1. Hi Michelle, Yes it is all rather a bit harem scarem at present. We started our downstairs renos and then the job came up and we didn't really know if he'd get it or not. We hope to have our place ready for the market after Christmas and depending on what happens, I would hope to be up there some time in the not so new year. Yes definitely I will be joining you more often at SLT then! Looking forward to that.