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Thursday, 7 November 2013


Is it just me or is it end of year-itis?  Peter has started his new job 1 hour away in Warwick this week, and we feel shot every day.  Perhaps it is because we are getting up about 1-2 hours earlier in the morning, but my energy levels are pretty low.  Maybe like daylight saving in the south, the first and last couple of weeks are tough.

I've also started a little exercise regime - XBX from the Canadian Air Force - remember 5BX?  I've been doing neck exercises since having thyroid cancer surgery earlier in the year and the neck stiffness/tightness was a problem.  I found that the stretching exercises have eased things considerably and I'm now applying it to my other body bits.

The builder is almost finished downstairs now so we'll be able to start fitting out and then putting stuff back into place.  I want to start decrapping (a more realistic term than decluttering I have to say) so that when the time comes to move, it won't be as bad?? haha.

Last weekend we went to Caloundra for the night and stayed with BIL and SIL at http://www.windwardpassage.com.au/  They are there for a week, the lucky things.  This is what it looked like:

We had fish and chips on the balcony, walked to Golden Beach and back, went to the Caloundra markets and generally had a lovely time.  Our travelling time was great too, only 2½ hours using the Clem 7 and Airportlink tunnels.  

The animals were all being spoiled at home, so we had a nice break, probably the last one for a long while now.  


  1. Dear me Barb, now you are making me wish I had booked a unit at Caloundra in the Christmas holidays during the low rate season at the beginning of December. I just love the place and it looks absolutely beautiful from that unit. We usually stay near Happy Valley at Bulcock Beach so we look over to Golden Beach from there.

    I didn't realise you were so close to Warwick and I did live there for eighteen years. :-) It sounds like you will have a few tiring months ahead of you as you relocate. Take your winter warmies with you though as the frosts there are something else.

    1. Hi Chel, Yes, there are pluses and minuses to the move, but I'm trying to focus on the positive. I have to say I HATE moving even more than I hate cleaning the shower. I remember you saying you lived there and yes, I plan to sew plenty of winter gear in time for next year.