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Sunday, 15 December 2013


It is a hot, humid day here - putting us on notice for another stormy afternoon/evening perhaps? Last evening we were outside righting a neighbour's banana tree that was leaning drunkenly towards the ground under the weight of a rapidly maturing bunch of bananas, when we could see storms approaching from the south.  That is unusual in these parts, with storms normally dropping off the Great Dividing Range and trundling through our area onwards to the coast.

It got quite windy and rumbly so we finished our propping up and climbed the hill back to the house.  By the time we reached the house, raindrops were starting to fall, quickly replaced by small hail.  This is the first time we have had hail since we moved here 4 years ago so of course the camera came out.

Hail & rain

Lovely wet stuff

After about 30minutes we had 28mm in the gauge, so happy we were.

A lovely cool night followed, but then this morning dawned warm, humid and sunny.  After feeding the animals I took some pics of what's doing.

These guys are always up for a chat

Charlie trying out blonde hair extensions

The three stooges

Mama & Fred

My Photography Assistant

Because we are moving on from here, we are madly trying to finish off jobs around the house to get all ready for going on the market.  We have decided to take a storage shed at our new town and starting moving things up there to get rid of 'stuff' and clutter in the house and sheds.  Packing bah!


  1. I thought you may have had a storm last night. Yes, our storms usually come in from the west and for some reason they often just miss us and head over your way. :-) Warwick has had severe storm warnings out for the last couple of days and there was one out a little while ago. We just heard thunder so it's time to check the BOM radar as I was just going to go outside and water the garden as we aren't allowed to water on a Monday. Love the blonde hair extensions. LOL! All the best with getting the house ready for the market. What a job!

  2. That is one of the things hubby finds different about Warwick now that he is working there; they have their storms early in the afternoon whereas they come through here later in the day. Lovely to have the rain though isn't it.