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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


We had a visitor for a few days over Christmas; Sparky a fledgling peewee was being attacked by two other peewees and was looking pretty sick so Peter brought him inside for protection and some recovery time.

We put him in a basket lined with paper towel (to try and imitate a nest) and he sat for a while looking very sorry for himself.  However, after a few feeds of bugs courtesy of the bug zapper, he sparked up a bit (hence the name).

Over the next couple of days we fed him with turkey mince and gave him a stick to practice sitting on, rather than on Peter's hand or in the nest.  He had a pretty good appetite and was looking pretty happy.

Sparky in his nest in his 'tree'

Looking quite happy
He seemed to know we would not hurt him, even the dogs just ignored him.  We think he must have been close to flying because every now and then he'd flap his wings but wouldn't get anywhere.

On the Friday we took him down to our local veterinary hospital for a check over and handing over to a wildlife carer.  We did enjoy having him here though.


  1. Barb, Sparky is very cute. I hope he is okay. You have had a revamp of your blog. I am a little hesitant of changing my header but one day I will be brave and do it. I am just a little concerned that I will lose everything especially after deleting some of my photos!

  2. Yes Chel, I was also a bit heart in mouth about changing things, but I found a good tutorial for making a header so it gave me some confidence. I'll email you the link, there might be some other tips there for changing things up a bit.