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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Last night my hubby brought home with him the new book from the Qld CWA.  I always like the CWA's books, the dishes and recipes appeal to our family and they often include catering for large numbers which is common for us.  So this book has joined my limited cookbook collection, right along with "Day to Day Cookery" from my high school years.

I believe the book is a fund raiser for the QCWA and contains recipes from the original QCWA Cookery Book printed in 1959.  The current day book is selling for $12.95, Peter got my copy from the APN newspaper office in Warwick.

The table of contents shows the hostess of the day many options for entertaining. 

One of the things I really loved about this book was the inclusion of several advertisements of the day.  

I found it difficult to imagine a stove showroom in Queen Street in the City
My Mum had a Sunbeam Mixmaster

Mail Order no less!
One of the sections is "Hostess at Afternoon Tea" with goodies like Petit Fours, Sponge, Coconut Jelly Cakes, Peach Blossom Cakes and Honey Lamingtons.  Doesn't this picture look lovely?

And of course, there was the Yuletide Hostess

I love this..."Christmas Day should be as much a holiday for the Hostess as for the other members of the household.  However, with our national desire for the hot, heavy dinner, which is incompatible with our hot humid weather, this tends to be impossible.  We bow to custom in planning these menus, but we divert from custom by adding dishes which would enable the Hostess to be as carefree as she would like and yet able to provide fare that would pander to the most discerning palate."  Not in my household!  And the different meals - Breakfast, Christmas Morning Tea, Christmas Mains, Christmas Evening Mains, Christmas Supper, Christmas Sweets - these ladies had it all covered!

Anyway, along with the December Australian Womens Weekly this book will be some holiday reading.


  1. Isn't it great Barb. A colleague and I got a copy for our birthdays from our other work colleagues last year. I must admit I haven't made any recipes from it as yet but it is such good reading. I love the old recipes in the book.

    1. Hi Chel, Yes some of the recipes probably won't get an airing here, but there are plenty that will.

  2. Finally on to have a look at your blog today Barb. In Melbourne in Flinders Street where Federation Square is located was previously the Gas & Fuel. They had a large appliance display there and help cookery classes which I can still recall being there in the late 70's and maybe into the early 80's.