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Tuesday, 10 December 2013


So, the zucchini are really starting to come in.  The first year we had our vegie garden here was a cracker crop. Then the following two years we had dismal failures with fruit rotting off on the vine.  I didn't feel so bad the last two years because other gardeners I talked to all reported the same poor performance.  This year however, it seems we are back in good form. 

The dark variety is Black Jack of course, and the lighter green variety is Lebanese, which according to the seed packet, is fine to eat up to 2kg in weight.  Our little chubster weighed in at 2.345kg so pretty right.  These will all be put through the food processor grater and frozen in big bags to await "The Coming of the Tomato" in order to make passata.

It is strange with packet seeds, some don't even make it germination-wise to the expiry date, and some, like the lebanese just keep on producing - expiry August 2012.

My list of pre-Christmas jobs is not going very well I have to admit.  The last two weeks I have been struggling to do more than one or two a day - it must be end of year-itis or something because I have felt very tired again.  With the 1 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis approaching, I was starting to feel very uneasy.  But a visit with the surgeon yesterday and hearing blood results made me feel a lot better.

I still have a bit of Christmas sewing to do, I have almost finished my table/dresser runner; and I still need to do at the very least 6 x napkins.  I'd love to do some applique for a table cloth but I think that will be pushing it.

Here is the runner, its got a couple of wibbles in it from being folded up.  I'm not very good at piece placement, I'll have another go with non-Christmas fabric and make better selections I think.  

I like it - there will be star shaped red buttons stitched onto the centre intersections to finish it off.

Anyway, I better get, I've got a heap of jobs to try and get done today.  Have a great day.

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  1. I love your runner Barb. Glad you got good news at the docs. It is always a worry. I am not getting much done either. Must be the weather! :-)