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Friday, 27 June 2014


We're famous!  Two of my cousin's kids have been featured on a new postcard for Blackall Qld.  Good work Makenzie and Kye (that's them on the far right).  It is a great shot and represents the Central West very well.


So, we had our first frost of the season this morning in Boonah.  When I hopped out of bed this morning at just before 6, it was -0.3deg.  We are situated almost at the top of a hill, so we are not ever badly affected, but still....

Frost doesn't kill these unfortunately

A new white leafed variety of pumpkin?
Happily, our mini vegie garden has not been affected - probably because all of the long grass growing around it! :(

Can you tell I'm married to a builder?  All in straight lines.
Happily the report from the farm this morning is that we have very little frost there.  At another property down in the valley below us, it was all white apparently.  They don't seem to get sun there until mid-morning either so it will take them a while to warm up there.

I'm glad about not getting badly frosted, it makes the chances of any new vegie patch succeeding much higher.  Another benefit of living on higher ground I suppose.

I reckon our sheep have esp; after posting about their future sale, yesterday afternoon I got a phone call "all the sheep are out".

Now this is not unusual, I often get phone calls to say there has been a breakout from either our old fence or the temporary paddock across the road at the neighbour's.  Usually it is only one or two radicals, but this time all but one were out and standing impatiently at our gate wanting to be let back in.  Probably their way of reminding me how I will miss their antics.  They are now back in our small paddock (with the rams) so anyone buying a ewe from us will probably get a 2-for-1 deal.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Sadly it looks like we will be selling our current flock of sheep rather than take them up the range as we had planned.  Boonah is situated in a tick infected zone and our farm near Allora is in tick free zone, we have been trying to decide if we should take them up with us.  

All things considered, the cost and potential risk is not worth it in our minds.  The last thing we want is to introduce ticks into our environment on the farm, possibly putting our and surrounding properties into quarantine for several years.  

Look at that face

Apparently the dogs and chooks/ducks are ok to move without treatment.  

So, I'm really sad about selling them and will miss them all.  Hopefully I will be able to find them good homes.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Fluffed up for warmth
Another crisp morning requiring the fire to warm up the house.  The dogs, sheep, chooks and human have all been fed; blogs have been read; multiple cups of tea drunk; and now here.

Crepe Myrtle

Slowly shedding pecan

I'm heading to the farm today for and these are for my lovely man.  Peter just loves these condensed milk biscuits - with ginger or coconut or in this form, just plain.

These citrus will need attention when I get back tomorrow.  They are coming so thick and fast right now, its hard to keep up.

Lemons, mandarins, lemonades
One of the things I want to do at the farm is to refresh this dog bed gifted by a friend whose retired greyhound 'doesn't like it anymore'.  Ok, so it needs stitching up around the base where it has split and also a new cushion inside.  Shouldn't be too hard.  Billy is checking it out already.
Like his denim coat?
Better get to it....

Monday, 23 June 2014


This weekend has been flat out.  As we are preparing our Boonah house for sale, painting is the order of the day.  The front bedroom now has its first coat on, with the second coat to be done next weekend.  One might ask, what only one coat and it took all weekend?  Yes, the joys of tongue and groove - paint in the groove and then each board by brush first time round, gap fill, then paint second coat by roller.  But a major improvement I must say.

In between painting, sanding etc, I still did the week's washing (the farm's included) and baked on Saturday.  After reading on various blogs about the sense of doing all oven-related tasks at one time to save electricity, I gave it a go.

First, duelling breadmakers.

Older machine on the right (really?)

The blue pads are to stop 'wandering'

Gave us these:

Product of old machine on the left

This was a good experiment; I have long suspected that my newer breadmaker doesn't rise the dough as well as my old one did.  Both are 1kg loaves but the loaf on the left in the pic above is from the old machine, suspicion confirmed.  In the past I have just used the whole breadmaking cycle, mixing and baking in the breadmaker, but lately I have started using only the dough mixing cycle and then baking in the oven.  Vastly superior result in our books.

Also knocked out a date loaf (recipe from Day to Day Cookery).

And after the baking was over, I put in a pork shoulder for our dinner that night.  Peter has always maintained that any meat's shoulder cut had way more flavour than the leg; and after eating this pork roast, I now concur.  No pics, all gone.....

And just before sunrise on this first slightly shorter day of winter:

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


So it would appear that winter is finally with us.  As I write at 7am, the temperature has fallen to 1.4 degrees celsius.  Peter is at the farm and he said he moved the ute around to the shed to hose the ice off the windscreen and the hose had frozen up.  The joys of the Southern Downs in winter.  

Here in Boonah the situation is this outside:

The sun is there somewhere

The poor chooks waiting to be let out
and the situation inside:

We've been using this a bit lately

We got a load of the most marvelous hardwood from Warwick last winter and it is giving us a lot of heat for our little house.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


After reading Nanna Chel's post about the State Rose Garden in Toowoomba I just had to visit.  It was a glorious day in Toowoomba and I had a fantastic time, looking at, smelling and photographing the huge variety of roses.  I was practicing my close up photography, and although I have a long way to go, I'm improving.  So, these are for you Chel.

Oh, and Lynda, I've taken the blog header down.  Reading the Simple Living Forum this morning, there was discussion about copyright on photos being used on blogs - freaked me out, so any pics that aren't mine won't be used anymore here. 

Monday, 2 June 2014


As Peter works an hour away from our Boonah place, he leaves pretty early on a Monday morning.  He drives to our new place, drops off his washed, ironed clothes and any supplies for the week, then heads off to work in Warwick.

He leaves about 6am, so the dogs, chooks and sheep get an early feed, then I get breakfast, another hot cuppa and a lovely hour reading various blogs.

On the way back inside this morning, I stopped to take some pics of the lovely Boonah 'winter' morning.  It had just topped 10deg and the sun was over the mountains lighting up the low-lying fog.

The promise of another glorious, Queensland day.  May as well take advantage and put the washing on!