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Monday, 2 June 2014


As Peter works an hour away from our Boonah place, he leaves pretty early on a Monday morning.  He drives to our new place, drops off his washed, ironed clothes and any supplies for the week, then heads off to work in Warwick.

He leaves about 6am, so the dogs, chooks and sheep get an early feed, then I get breakfast, another hot cuppa and a lovely hour reading various blogs.

On the way back inside this morning, I stopped to take some pics of the lovely Boonah 'winter' morning.  It had just topped 10deg and the sun was over the mountains lighting up the low-lying fog.

The promise of another glorious, Queensland day.  May as well take advantage and put the washing on!


  1. Barb the days have indeed been glorious! I am waiting to see the photos of the State Rose Garden :-)

  2. Nice pics and im loving your banner.