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Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Fluffed up for warmth
Another crisp morning requiring the fire to warm up the house.  The dogs, sheep, chooks and human have all been fed; blogs have been read; multiple cups of tea drunk; and now here.

Crepe Myrtle

Slowly shedding pecan

I'm heading to the farm today for and these are for my lovely man.  Peter just loves these condensed milk biscuits - with ginger or coconut or in this form, just plain.

These citrus will need attention when I get back tomorrow.  They are coming so thick and fast right now, its hard to keep up.

Lemons, mandarins, lemonades
One of the things I want to do at the farm is to refresh this dog bed gifted by a friend whose retired greyhound 'doesn't like it anymore'.  Ok, so it needs stitching up around the base where it has split and also a new cushion inside.  Shouldn't be too hard.  Billy is checking it out already.
Like his denim coat?
Better get to it....


  1. Hope you don't freeze at the farm, Barb. I thought we weren't supposed to get the cold front moving across the south but it has turned cold and windy here that's for sure. Our pecan nut tree has lost all its leaves and is completely bare much to the dismay of the cockatoos I guess. Oh well, they still have plenty of macadamia nuts to eat or destroy.

    1. Well it was cold, not so much at night surprisingly but in the late afternoon as the sun was going. That wind...

  2. Winter has definitely arrived all over Oz at the moment.

    1. Yes I saw on the news the awful weather you are having down south at the moment. I hope it calms down very quickly.