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Monday, 23 June 2014


This weekend has been flat out.  As we are preparing our Boonah house for sale, painting is the order of the day.  The front bedroom now has its first coat on, with the second coat to be done next weekend.  One might ask, what only one coat and it took all weekend?  Yes, the joys of tongue and groove - paint in the groove and then each board by brush first time round, gap fill, then paint second coat by roller.  But a major improvement I must say.

In between painting, sanding etc, I still did the week's washing (the farm's included) and baked on Saturday.  After reading on various blogs about the sense of doing all oven-related tasks at one time to save electricity, I gave it a go.

First, duelling breadmakers.

Older machine on the right (really?)

The blue pads are to stop 'wandering'

Gave us these:

Product of old machine on the left

This was a good experiment; I have long suspected that my newer breadmaker doesn't rise the dough as well as my old one did.  Both are 1kg loaves but the loaf on the left in the pic above is from the old machine, suspicion confirmed.  In the past I have just used the whole breadmaking cycle, mixing and baking in the breadmaker, but lately I have started using only the dough mixing cycle and then baking in the oven.  Vastly superior result in our books.

Also knocked out a date loaf (recipe from Day to Day Cookery).

And after the baking was over, I put in a pork shoulder for our dinner that night.  Peter has always maintained that any meat's shoulder cut had way more flavour than the leg; and after eating this pork roast, I now concur.  No pics, all gone.....

And just before sunrise on this first slightly shorter day of winter:


  1. Oh, love that last picture! Looks so beautiful and cosy! Where abouts is your farm? When we lived in Dayboro we visited Boonah quite often on weekends, it's such a lovely place and it has those beautiful lakes around.
    I had a breadmaker once and the bread never was right, so now I use the Thermomix to make bread and than bake it in the oven. That works really well for me. In saying that I still haven't found a recipe to make white fluffy bread as OH like it... I'll keep practising.
    Have a great week, Barb!

    1. Frances, That is freaky! I was just reading your blog and then come back here and you have left a message. Vielen dank! Yes we are at Boonah on the northern side. I'd love to get a Thermomix but funds do not currently allow. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Barb, I can never take photos of the sunrise as I am never up to see it! LOL! We have tongue in groove here too so I understand about how long it takes to paint.

    1. Hi Chel, Normally I would not see the sunrise either, but Monday's is when Peter drives back to Warwick via the farm so he leaves between 5am and 5.30 so I have plenty of time to look at sunrises then!