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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


So it would appear that winter is finally with us.  As I write at 7am, the temperature has fallen to 1.4 degrees celsius.  Peter is at the farm and he said he moved the ute around to the shed to hose the ice off the windscreen and the hose had frozen up.  The joys of the Southern Downs in winter.  

Here in Boonah the situation is this outside:

The sun is there somewhere

The poor chooks waiting to be let out
and the situation inside:

We've been using this a bit lately

We got a load of the most marvelous hardwood from Warwick last winter and it is giving us a lot of heat for our little house.


  1. Barb, that wood heater makes me drool! Our house is so cold especially since our wood stove died a few years back. I remember those frosts in Warwick when the pipes would burst. The frosts are worse than here but the days are warmer after the cold mornings. Are you coming to the workshop at the weekend?

    1. I really want to, just need to discuss with the Boss! Last time I came from the farm so it wasn't such a long drive as from here.

    2. Ok, might see you on Saturday then all being well.

  2. A lovely crisp morning and a wood stove. Doesn't get better than that, unless you are curled up in front of it with hot chocolate, a great book, and plenty of uninterrupted time. Still, those chooks need to be let out......