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Friday, 27 June 2014


So, we had our first frost of the season this morning in Boonah.  When I hopped out of bed this morning at just before 6, it was -0.3deg.  We are situated almost at the top of a hill, so we are not ever badly affected, but still....

Frost doesn't kill these unfortunately

A new white leafed variety of pumpkin?
Happily, our mini vegie garden has not been affected - probably because all of the long grass growing around it! :(

Can you tell I'm married to a builder?  All in straight lines.
Happily the report from the farm this morning is that we have very little frost there.  At another property down in the valley below us, it was all white apparently.  They don't seem to get sun there until mid-morning either so it will take them a while to warm up there.

I'm glad about not getting badly frosted, it makes the chances of any new vegie patch succeeding much higher.  Another benefit of living on higher ground I suppose.

I reckon our sheep have esp; after posting about their future sale, yesterday afternoon I got a phone call "all the sheep are out".

Now this is not unusual, I often get phone calls to say there has been a breakout from either our old fence or the temporary paddock across the road at the neighbour's.  Usually it is only one or two radicals, but this time all but one were out and standing impatiently at our gate wanting to be let back in.  Probably their way of reminding me how I will miss their antics.  They are now back in our small paddock (with the rams) so anyone buying a ewe from us will probably get a 2-for-1 deal.


  1. I stayed under the covers this morning so I don't know if we got a frost or not. I can't see any from here but the sun is already on that side of the house so it is hard to tell. We were supposed to go down to 2 I think. That is good that there wasn't much frost at the new farm. I wouldn't like to live in Stanthorpe in this weather. Brrr!

  2. Yes, Stanthorpe would be 'bracing'! The upside of the cool weather I suppose is that the days are just glorious and sunny.