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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


After reading Nanna Chel's post about the State Rose Garden in Toowoomba I just had to visit.  It was a glorious day in Toowoomba and I had a fantastic time, looking at, smelling and photographing the huge variety of roses.  I was practicing my close up photography, and although I have a long way to go, I'm improving.  So, these are for you Chel.

Oh, and Lynda, I've taken the blog header down.  Reading the Simple Living Forum this morning, there was discussion about copyright on photos being used on blogs - freaked me out, so any pics that aren't mine won't be used anymore here. 


  1. Great Photography. The Victorian State Rose Garden is about 10 min from me and is situated in the ground of The Werribee Mansion. Well worth a visit as well.

  2. The roses are beautiful, Barb. The reds turn out so much better with your camera. Yes, that article I found freaked me out too so I have some deleting to do. At least I haven't written 700 posts like the writer of the article!

  3. Your pics a great, I love roses.