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Thursday, 7 August 2014


Our little town only has two op shops, but it is surprising how often I find something very useful.  

For example, today I was in town for my weekly errands and walking up the street back to the car, took me past Vinnies.  I walked past, then backed up and went in.  Sure enough a few handy items came home with me - for the princely sum of $4.50.

I have a couple of the Sure Fit Design kits - but didn't have this Shirt Kit.  I checked the SFD website and a Shirt Kit would set me back $36.56AUD plus postage from the US; so $2.00 from Vinnies would classify as a win.
The McCalls book has many many fitting tips and how to's, so for $1 it looks good (interestingly the original cost in 1976 was $1.95).  The Justknits shirts pattern will be useful for tshirts I need to make for working on the farm - 50c.

The knitting needles 5s and 6s 50c each set, will be used to make the shrug that Nanna Chel talked about here .  I have a poncho (a what!?) that I'd like to unravel and reknit into a shrug.  But don't hold your breath waiting for a photo, it could take me a long time as I'm a poor knitter.  Anyway, I'll give it a go.  You never know Chel, I might wear it to a Simple Living Toowoomba morning yet (probably in a couple of winters haha!).

See you.


  1. Oh i know what a poncho is, i had many in all kinds of varying colours when i was young. Some even had tassels. At the time we thought we were very fashionable, if i remember. What were we thinking? Good luck Barb with knitting project. Better you than me Gunga Din!

  2. I just remembered that I bought a knitted poncho at the Coast last year and have never worn it. They are trendy now girls! Good luck with the shrug, Barb. If you had trouble with it I am sure Margaret will help you out at one of the morning teas...seeing as she is the designer and all :-) It did sound easy to make though I must admit.

    1. It seems everything 70s is trendy again now.