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Friday, 1 August 2014

PAINTING, PAINTING................

So this is what's been keeping me quiet.  

In order to sell our Boonah patch, we have been sprucing the place up a bit.  Don't you just love vj walls - not me!  I'm not a fan of painting and I'm rubbish at it, but these days good quality paint is very forgiving of poor paint-womanship.  So, after lots of filling, gapping, painting grooves and rolling, we are on our way.

The walls are being done in the ubiquitous Antique White USA which is a lovely soft pearly white and they are coming up a treat I have to say.

My poor photography abilities don't really give any an idea of how the rooms look, but that's all I've got.  

See the old way of running power down to a power point?

And the ceilings are just white.

Look away from the hideously old ceiling fan
Hmm, hints of other neglected washing/folding/ironing tasks....

Don't worry those curtains are going

Iron me, iron me...

See the lovely soft sheen?
After 5 years of cheap looking flat pink/salmon walls (really why did we put up with them so long?) the new look is so much fresher.

Now for the living/dining rooms.  


  1. Funny how we do things up to sell but not for ourselves. Those walls look fab. Love the crisp clean white. Only this week we have finished all the external trim including a very large picket fence. Not taking credit except for organising and paying an older Italian gentleman (i think paint is in his blood) who was so finicky its looking amazing. 20 Years of wear and tear, painted away with a brush. Now, the long slow process of the interior begins.

    1. PS. i am currently surrounded by pink salmon walls at work and its making me ill.

    2. Its an 80s thing - salmon - isn't it? You must feel chuffed with your new exterior. I know we will when we're done.

  2. Barb, my hubby is from the Mediterranean and when he bought this house when he was single he painted the kitchen bright green so pink salmon sounds nice. So when he painted again a few years later I talked him into painting the walls cream and if there is a next time it will be white. He never puts filling in between those VJ boards though. No wonder we have so much dust coming down from the ceiling!!!

    1. Yes we had the same issue with dust. No wonder my allergies were playing up ever since we moved here. So you're gradually toning your hubby's paint choices down - nice one. Peter and I are on the same page when it comes to paint - we're not adventurous at all!