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Monday, 17 November 2014


This hot weather we've been having is just crazy.  On the weekend I went to Toowoomba to join in the Simple Living Toowoomba group's last get together for the year.  Ha ha, I just did spell check on 'Toowoomba' and Blogger came up with 'wombat'.  Anyway, the meet up was great, everyone enjoyed making soy candles, die-stamping their silver spoons, and checking out all the craftworks on display.  We also participated in a secret Santa which is always great fun.  Some lovely gifts created by all the ladies.

It was hot on the way back home after the meet, but worse was to come in the afternoon.  38.6C in our kitchen and slightly hotter outside.  Peter had bought a clam shell paddle pool so I sat with my feet in that for most of the time - fantastic.

Sunday wasn't much better, and the westerly wind was pretty fierce.  We were trying to finish off the chook run so we could bring the chooks up from Boonah, thereby completing our animal transfers from one place to the other.  Late morning we headed off, arriving at Boonah to find it even hotter that at home.  I did about 5 loads of washing (to save water at the farm) and it was all dry very quickly.

The hardest part of the day was catching the chooks to go into the cage on the ute.  I was sure we'd get up here and find them all dead with fright; but no, they were all alive, even the chicks.  This morning the rooster was crowing as usual and all but three chooks were out and about investigating the new digs.  I've set them up with heaps of water, some feed and shaded areas, but today doesn't yet seem to be as hot thankfully.  I'll take some snaps of them this arvo.

For the last couple of weeks, we have had froggy visits, first one, then two, now four.  I have a couple of pot plants on the landing, the pots sit in trays of water and the frogs come for a bit of a freshen up in the evenings.  We leave the outside light on so there are plenty of bugs for them to catch.  These two caught my eye last night.
Bob the Builder?

Pete the Painter?
Anyway, when it comes time for the extension/renovation to our place, I think we'll hand things over to these guys.  They look like they know what they're doing.

Off to Wombat again today for a look at the cattle sales.  We hope to get some cattle in the future and, as our neighbours are selling some of theirs to market today, they invited me along to see how it works.  It is supposed to be 34C there - long sleeves, boots, hat and a peg for my nose I reckon!


  1. Hope you are enjoying yourself here in Wombat, Barb :-) What a hoot! We are just about to head off to the pool at Baillie as it is now open to the public. I was thinking of getting one of those clam shells to sit in on a hot day.

    1. How lovely to have a swim on a day like today. Those clam shells fit the bill - now if I could only get the sheep to try it out.

  2. That was a funny post. When you are on, you are on. Love the frogs. Gosh, that is hot for this time of year but tell Mr Abbott, he thinks there no problem with the climate. Grrrrr You are so lucky to have your property. Such a great adventure.

    1. I forgot to tell you i had visuals of you paddling in the clam shell - too funny and now i have the picture Nanna Chel in there as well. Who needs a public pool. We have one for Tilly.

    2. Oh no, no climate change. I am almost afraid to start up a garden. But a local facebook gardening group I'm a member of does give me some encouragement.

    3. I want pictures of you in the clam shell in a future post. I can get mine to grow but they just keep going to seed.