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Monday, 30 March 2015

Lift Off

We have lift off - sort of.  Finally a part of the weekend to ourselves to do a little bit around the place.  Peter whipsnipped the long grass around the first vegie bed, I removed the weeds that had made themselves at home there, and we were off.

In this bed there are two varieties of lettuce, some rainbow chard and some kale.

The shade hoops are from the Boonah garden in which the beds were a lot wider so there is some overhang in this garden.  The next sets of hoops I make will have a wider diameter poly pipe so I can push them over star pickets rather than steel bars and make them taller so walking inside won't be too hard. Scarecrow's Garden gave me the idea for the bigger pipe.  That is an amazing garden I must say.

I still have punnets of cabbage, broccoli, rainbow chard, silver beet, beetroots, spring onion, tatsoi, fennel and landcress to put in.  The just need a little longer in their punnets before going out into the world.

It feels so good to finally be underway with the vegies.  Now to dig some more beds and prepare them for the above babies.  I will be raking sheep, cow and chicken manure and putting it into the compost to have some soil improving mix to add into the beds when the time comes.


  1. Wow, im loving Scarecrow's Garden idea as well. I could do the same for both shade in summer and then by changing the cloth, like a greenhouse in winter. Cool. Congratulations Barb, it must feel good to start.

  2. Sure does Lynda. You have a cracker veg garden btw. Have a lovely Easter.