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Friday, 3 April 2015

Basil Harvesting

Reading around the interweb, I saw that several sites recommended harvesting basil before the cold weather sets in as the plant doesn't handle this well.  So I chopped around on my basil plant and collected lots of lovely green leaves.
 I used some of the basil to make up a tomato passata to freeze and use later.

 I wanted to run the Bamix through it before cooking but that resulted with tomato mix everywhere, so I'll do it again when it has cooked down.

The remainder was processed in a bullet-thingy and packed ready for freezing.


 Because I washed and dried the basil in the salad spinner, I hope to be able to break bits off the 'slab' when I need it.  I would have used ice cubes but our ice cube trays are in box K14 in the shed behind boxes K10-12 - not going to happen today.

Finished product
I'm happy I've done this now; it was one of those jobs I had been putting off due to time, but in reality it took probably 25 minutes all up. 


  1. Barb, I just let my basil plant grow through winter last year and it didn't get frosted. It has gone to seed so I might pull it out. I brought home some basil from the DTE swap last week to make some pesto and am freezing our small tomatoes till I get a big enough batch to make sugar free sauce. Have a great Easter..probably will be a wet one but only drizzle here so far.

  2. Chel, Playing it safe with the basil. Hope you have a lovely Easter too.

  3. Barb,
    I read too that basil doesn't like the cold. We have basil growing in pots will be interesting to see how it goes over winter.
    Have a happy Easter.