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Tuesday, 7 April 2015


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter; we did.  It was a family-filled four days for us.  The weather was a bit wet on Friday, but cleared on Saturday and was lovely most of the time after that.

On Saturday night we had two great lamb shoulder roasts done in the bbq for dinner complete with roast veges. 

The men had put together a great outdoor fire which we sat around until late in the evening talking.

Throwing a piece of wood onto the fire always caused some interesting photo opportunities.  We've decided we want to make a more permanent fire pit at one edge of the area we plan to pave.

Not too many chocolate rabbits were harmed but we made some old favourites for desserts - jam roly poly and boy scout rice custard.  Each was a special request and it was a pleasure to provide.


  1. I can't imagine sitting outside tonight, Barb. LOL! Hasn't it turned cold!!! 8C this morning and an apparent temp of 4C and it was probably lower for you as well. Glad you had such a lovely Easter.

  2. I agree with you Chel, turned chilly alright. We had the fireplace on last night for the first time this year. Couldn't get near it for the dogs though!