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Sunday, 12 April 2015


No, not stuttering, FFF stands for Felton Food Festival which is where we went today.  The Festival is in its 4th year and was established to showcase the district's agriculture and farmers.  Some say it was born out of the community fight against coal seam gas mining which threatened the district some years ago.  Driving to and from the Festival site, I could see why the locals were so against the CSG industry coming into their community - the scenery is glorious - its big sky country in my mind.

So about an hour's drive and we rolled into the Festival along with so many others, including the fabulous Mandy from The Old Dairy who I knew from Simple Living Toowoomba.  Mandy was there with her Mum and they were ready for a great day.

We came home with some great goodies, having tasted, sipped and sampled as many products as our tummies would allow.

Here is our loot:

There is something for everyone.  Peter loves mutton, and although we have sheep, we can't let our flock foundation ewe Esme go to the butcher.  She deserves to live out her life in comfort we reckon.

So, we picked up some mutton backstrap, shanks and ribs from Tillari Trotters at Karara (west of Warwick) and Tamworth.  They do free range pork and sheep products.  We had turkey already defrosted for dinner, otherwise the mutton would have been on the menu.  

For me there was Bald Rock Jerky Chilli flavour.  I love jerky and always get some Jim's Jerky when we go to Farmfest each year.  Bald Rock is great too and the bag is emptying quickly.  Note the "Guilt Free Snack' label on the pack! 

We got some free samples of organic fertiliser pellets for the veggie garden and coarse layer mix for chooks.  I get great feed from a local farmer who mills his own but I thought the chooks might like a change.

The last purchase we made was for our brother-in-law Bob, who likes a glass of red when he visits us.  We thought Uncle Bob's Estate at Nanango who produce a wild ferment preservative free Merlot might be a good one for him.  We also bought a bottle of cooking red, since we're coming into winter, I'm sure it will go to good use.

We also bought some garlic plants from Joan at Budgee Garlic and Herbs which I will have to hurry up and get in the ground.  I had seen the story on Gardening Australia about garlic so it was a happy coincidence that Joan was at Felton today.  Joan and I are both members of a Facebook gardening produce and swap group based at Clifton.  This group has been a great introduction to so many people and businesses in the district.   Another group member, Matthew has a great nursery at Garden Grove Nursery at Pittsworth.  He will most likely be the supplier of our fruit trees when funds allow, as he has a great range - many of which were at his stall at Felton today.

I really enjoyed Felton Food Festival and will likely go again next year.  Lastly, here is this afternoon's sunset from our verandah.

Glorious colours, love this time of year.


  1. Blow!!! I wanted to go to the FFF, Barb. For some reason I thought it was on next week. Never mind...maybe next year. I was wondering how hard it was to park there as I thought it might be like the Hampton Food Festival which is just so crowded as I went with friends once and was pleased I wasn't driving and trying to find a park. Glad you caught up with Mandy and her mum. What a great day you had and what beautiful weather and the sunset is gorgeous too.

    1. Hi Chel, It was uppermost in my mind because a friend was growing herb plants for one of the stallholders so we were talking about FFF all the time. I had heard that Hampton is crazy crowded. We got there early and, as we were leaving a couple of hours later, things were really starting to get busy which was great for the stallholders. It was getting hot too, but the way the site was organised there were several good shady spots for people to sit down on hay bales and such for a rest. We were glad to be on our way though, and called into Rudd's Pub at Nobby for a drink on the way home.

  2. Oh, gorgeous sunsets! And nice delicacies - well done!

    1. Thanks Frances, nice to hear from you.