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Monday, 20 April 2015

It's a real Monday

Overnight and today we have been getting some lovely soft rain.  Yesterday we had a yard day.  Peter started construction of the long-awaited greenhouse.

I found some muscles I didn't know I had by digging up some ground for new vegie garden beds.  We have black soil here and as Darling Downers know, this stuff is hard to get going.  It holds moisture and nutrients very well, but its a bugger to dig up.  Anyway, the bed is there, with some decomposed cow manure, gypsum, chook litter which was put through the mulcher all added in.  The bed will most likely be for brassicas so a bit of extra leaf won't hurt.

So, I'm glad today is like it is, because I don't think I could go out there again and dig some more - still have at least one more bed to do this run.

The weather is like this...

Looking west there is mizzle - mist and drizzle

You can't see beyond the 2nd contour in our paddock.

Looking north towards the dam - the beginnings of the greenhouse and the vegie garden beyond

The dogs have not moved more than a couple of feet today and the chooks are not enjoying much free ranging.  This one definitely didn't want to be in the rain.  A bit of comfort on the carpet if you don't mind.

I'm supposed to be doing a sewing job for some friends but I seem to be procrastinating about it.  My procrastination has taken the form of this...

There's also a slice cooling, waiting to be iced along with the cake.

Grudgingly signing off to go sew.


  1. Barb,
    It's good weather for ...sewing. And baking. I'm with the chook, I wouldn't like to be out in it much either. Still, far better than the heat. Take it easy with the sore muscles.

    1. Thank you Shiralee, I did get to cutting out the project. Working out the piece placements to maximise the fabric was a bit of a brain turner. Got there in the end.

  2. Barb, I hadn't heard of mizzle before. Ha ha! The last time I looked in the rain gauge we had had about 11mm or whatever measurement they used for rain. It is supposed to clear up overnight and then it will be back to the gardening. I am glad we have red soil here. That black soil would be so hard to work with. Good exercise though.

    1. That's for sure Chel. Very cool today too 14.8 mid afternoon. Got the fire on - for the dogs of course!

  3. Oh it looks so cosy! I would put my gumboots and a raincoat on and go for a walk and then come back and enjoy a cuppa and a slice of your yummy looking cake while sitting in a rocking chair relaxing which is what you should be doing too after all the hard work!

    1. Thanks Frances! Yes a comfy chair is what I was looking for after all that. Mind you, if one eats all the goodies, one has to labor it all away again!