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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sewing Projects

Pinch and punch for the first day of the month of my birth.

This last month has been busy at the sewing machine.  I've made curtains for our bedroom and the sewing room.

Terrible picture I know but you get the idea, and no they aren't lined.  I'm not a huge fan of curtains at the best of times, preferring blinds but I had bought this fabric from Ikea for the Boonah house then changed my mind and didn't make the curtains up.  I'm going to put up blinds to block out the hot summer sun so I skipped the lining.  Don't look Mum!  I've got one more bedroom to sew curtains for so I'm not out of the woods yet.

The other little project I completed yesterday was a welcome gift for a friend's new granddaughter.  Fortunately I had pink towelling and flannel on hand so I could put these together for her.

The towelling thing is called a Sunshine Tag Toy.  The flannel blanket is double sided - more for warmer than cooler nights.  Hopefully they will be well received.

When I was in Brisbane recently I went to one of my favourite fabric stores East Coast Fabrics in Lawnton and picked out a few pieces.  The fat quarter family of pinks will become some gifts for a group swap meet I'm attending in the next couple of weeks.  The Christmas print will be napkins for that time of year.  The 'dish' print will become desperately needed pot holders and possibly a hanging hand towel if there's enough.

Today though, I'm have a half inside and half outside day.  I've got watering to do and start up another compost bin.  I planted some seeds yesterday so I have those to worry over - germination rates have been very poor lately.  I'll take some baby lamb snaps as well to share next time.

Cheers, Barb.


  1. My fabric collection was once huge. It was an addiction. I just love looking and buying fabric. Then i did nothing with them and the pile just grew and grew until i decluttered down to nothing. Now i avoid Spotlight like the plague because i start to itch when i walk through the door. Perhaps when i retire i'll do more sewing. I like the dish pattern.

    1. I can relate to that Lynda I look forward to having some birthday money to indulge in some fabric shopping.

  2. Barb, stupidly I bought metres of two different patterns of fabric to make curtains last year when it was on special for something like $5 a metre for backed fabric. They are supposed to go in the kitchen and on the back verandah. The rolls haven't been touched since I bought them as it is such a BIG job and I just keep putting it off. I do like your IKEA fabric I must say. I have never been there but I have heard it is quite a massive store.

  3. If you want a hand with them Chel just yell out. Yeah IKEA is massive and they do have some great fabrics pity we are so far away.