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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Around here.. 19/11/2015

Things have been ticking over here pretty quickly, the days fly by and at the end of the week I look back and wonder where the time went.

So around here at the moment we have:

A lovely flowering gum right near the house that not only has a gorgeous perfume, but also attracts all manner of birds enjoying the nectar.

Our first batch of apricot jam for this season.  Half of this is already gone, given to friends and family.  We will savour the rest.  I still have several kilos of frozen fruit which I intend to make into apricot chutney, some more jam and dried apricots.

My step son needed his chest of drawers back so we were in want of clothes storage for visitors in our spare room.  We picked up this old girl for $10 from a local Facebook buy sell swap page.  She has that lovely old house smell and feel, having come from such an old house in a nearby town.  She will soon receive some TLC (there is a piece of veneer missing bottom right of the door) and a few coats of paint.  I think the wall space may be a good spot for a mirror as well.  That is my dog Billy who can't be left out of anything.

My garlic drying on the verandah.  Not a huge number this year as I bought the bulbs from a garlic grower but I will endeavour to hold onto some cloves so I use them to replant next year.  And, yes that's my gardening hat, the damage resulting from mowing under tree branches.  I now wear it backwards and once the top comes off completely it will go into the compost.

Today I will be, as my darling Mum says "battening down the hatches, its going to be a scorcher!"  Keep cool friends xxx.


  1. Ha ha, love the hat, Barb. I noticed that my hubby must have pulled up the garlic while I was away. I guess it is hanging somewhere. I froze a lot last harvest and am still working my way through that. See you on Saturday. It will be another scorcher.

    1. Yes I'm going to try freezing and also drying some as Fairy did. Extends the use. Yes dreading the heat on Saturday, hopefully will be cool inside the building.

  2. The dried garlic and your gardening hat look almost artistic.

  3. That would be as artistic as I'd ever get lol.