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Monday, 23 November 2015

Around here, some pics 22/11/15

I took some pictures yesterday afternoon just before a storm blew in.

Our pool is now set up for the hot days ahead, great for sitting in with a drink in hand.

Some floral colour.

The sunflowers are growing alongside the chook yard, if they are the sunflower seed type, I'll throw the head in for the chooks when its ready.

The agapanthus survived the winter frosts and are now starting to flower.

Lovely pink oleander - I want to plant more of these.  The picture is a bit blurred due to the wind from the incoming storm.

Some over-exposed begonias; once my greenhouse is built I think these will grow a lot better.  Still they are doing well for where they are, I did cut them back in winter so they are looking fuller in leaf now.

The storms rumbled for a couple of hours but after all the bluff and bluster, we only had about 1mm of rain.  Hopefully others in the region had better.

Cheers Barb.


  1. We had 11mm here, Barb. That pool would have come in handy on Saturday. It was much cooler here yesterday thankfully. The clouds are coming in now as there are more storms forecast. I had better get off the iPad and go and check my plants and maybe throw in a few more seeds.

  2. I dont know what i was expecting but your pool surprised me and made me laugh when i had a visual of you both sitting in it, drink in hand.

  3. Barb,
    I live around the corner (literally) from Nanna Chel, so you know the weather report at our house too :-) I think that pool is going to be really handy going by the heat and it's not even quite yet officially summer.

    1. I agree with you Shiralee, I'm fact we got in the pool this afternoon, was very refreshing.