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Sunday, 22 November 2015

In the Garden 22/11/15

I've spent a couple of hours this morning picking plantain leaves for my friend and massage therapist who uses it when making her pain relief balms.


I ended up with 2.5kg of the leaves which I will give to her tomorrow.  Mind you, she might need to use some of that balm on me as bending over to pick the leaves found some less-used muscles!

No, its not that type of grass

We have access to a larger cultivator to extend our vegetable garden beds.  We're moving from three 1.5m x 3m beds to a longer narrower form.  I hope this will improve access for me as I'm a shortie.

Cheers Barb


  1. Barb, I see lots of mention of plantain in blogs and I am sure we would have it growing here so I am going to go and ask hubby now to point it out to me so I can use it. He is the expert gardener! :-) Hope you aren't too stiff tomorrow.

  2. Barb, he said to ask if it was the wild one with the yellow flower which is growing on our footpath? Ha ha.

  3. Ha ha Chel. There are two types apparently - a narrow leaf like the ones I picked and a broader leaf variety. But that's all I know at the moment. It is said that sheep eat it occasionally as a medicine.

  4. Hmmm, ours is a thin leaf and grows in a clump. I will have to have a look online and learn more about it. Thanks Barb.