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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Stone Fruit Season

I was very fortunate today in that hubby was down Stanthorpe way and picked me up some second grade cherries for jamming.

When he brought them home I had a taste and the flavour and texture of them was anything but second grade.

Just look at those sweeties!  The idea was to make cherry jam, but I will now have to whistle while I process these to avoid the quantity whittling away to nothing.

Through hubby's work we will also get some plums again and I have asked one of his workmates to pick me up a carton of mixed stonefruit (nectarines, peaches and apricots) for $13 when he goes through Stanthorpe again tomorrow.

I feel fortunate to live so close to the Granite Belt that I can enjoy these gorgeous fruits in season at such a reasonable price.  


  1. Barb, it is a great place for stone fruit. Hopefully the farmers up there didn't have too much damage in the recent storms. A storm went through here at 3.45am today but it wasn't severe like the ones lately.

  2. Chel, I'm glad to hear the storm wasn't bad. Its a lovely rainy cool morning today. Yesterday was so humid again, most unusual.

  3. So exciting!! They look gorgeous :-)

  4. I love cherries, so much so that i've had a tummy ache for two days now. LOL When will i learn restraint.

  5. I agree completely Krista they are divine. Lynda I reckon the season is so short a sore tummy is worth it.

  6. Barb,
    I love cherries too. They look pretty good for seconds I'd like to see what their top quality looks like.
    Hope you are getting some of the cooler weather we are getting here.
    - Shiralee.