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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Australia Day Activities

Do you say 'Happy Australia Day'? I don't know.  Anyway we're just pottering around today doing Aussie things.  Hubby is 'organising' his shed - I hope to be able to find him in there soon for lunch.  Me - I've been making pickled beetroot.

Hubby loves beetroot any time of the year so I usually try to get two crops through to ensure we have enough goodness for him.  I'm not overly partial (I know, un-Australian isn't it?) but recently I have discovered the golden beetroots.  What a treasure they are! So sweet and not as 'earthy' as the red ones.  So this season I planted the Detroit Red, Golden, and Choggia.  Of these the Golden was actually the most successful.


I used the pressure cooker which saved a bit of time.  Here are they are ready for cooking.

And here they are complete in their jars.  I just love the softly coloured ones, some sliced, some whole and some chunked.

I know the colour will weird out Hubby and the kids, but that's part of the attraction!  Ha ha, evil me.

However, note to self:  put the rubber rings on the Fowler Vacola jars before you fill the jars.  Otherwise there is bound to be an incident. 

Lucky I was in my old working kit.



  1. Ha ha, Barb. Got a bit messy did it? I never make a mess at all. LOL! I haven't seen the golden beetroots before. I usually plant the usual ones but did plant the cylindrical ones last year which were easy to fit into jars when I preserved them. No preserving this year though.

    1. I haven't tried the cylindrical ones perhaps next season

  2. Ah yes anything that involves beetroot needs an apron preferably a plastic one. I love golden beetroot too and I like the candy stripe ones too and they tend not to stain.

  3. I agree with you. Beetroot is not nice. It does feel Un-Australian.

    1. Yay Lynda a fellow beetroot boo-er