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Monday, 25 January 2016

Food Gardens January 2016 Pt 2

So to the veg garden now.  This will be the last season that we have the wide beds (1.5m wide and 4m long).  Being a short person, I find it difficult to reach into the bed to weed, water or pick veg without actually falling into the bed.  Hubby won't enter into the Mandala garden concept, so we borrowed some ideas from Wendy's blog and decided to make future beds much narrower and longer. We certainly have the space and with a bit of work it should be do-able.  We'll probable start doing this as the weather cools down.

One aspect of gardening here on the Darling Downs I am still adjusting to is the much shorter and sharper growing season.  In Boonah the climate is more sub-tropical where as here it is classified as temperate.  Obviously with 35C+ days it is more than temperate in summer but certainly things do take longer to get going.

Anyway,  here are some pics of the veg garden as it is now.  These are the cucumbers I thought I had lost when I planted them out.  I have a bad habit of leaving things in punnets for too long and then planting them out when they are leggy and don't look like surviving.  However the cucumbers are enjoying the heat and I have picked those ones hanging down already. I put them on the slanted trellis to make them easier to pick.

I have planted several varieties of tomato - San Marzano, Moneymaker, Rouge de Marmande and Grosse Lisse to see which grows best here.  We  use a lot of tomatoes to make passata each year.  Its a crazy jumble of tomato plants under the shadecloth, next year I plan to have a trellis type of set up in the middle of the bed, with plants either side so they are easier to tie off.  

Its all a mad jumble in here

Some nice sized fruit on

You wouldn't believe it but in this bed we had beetroot growing.  You can tell the grass gets away from me in summer can't you.  Anyway, we ended up with a good bucket of beets, most of which will be pickled as slices, chunks and baby beets.  Both this bed and the tomato bed above will be halved in width and extended in length for next summer's growing season.

To finish off, just some random shots from around the place. 

My one elderberry sapling.  I'm hoping to plant this beside the greenhouse so I can enjoy its shade on a summer's afternoon.  Also to the right is a sage plant from DTE's Dottie and lemon balm from a friend on the Granite Belt.    Don't you love the rustic plant stand?

Here are two pots of turmeric that I thought had gone to heaven, but with the recent hot and wet weather up they came.  I think I'll keep them in the greenhouse.

Also from my Granite Belt friend, some strawberries.  I'll have to think hard where to put these.

And from my good friend Nanna Chel some Bishop's Crown Peppers which are described on the net as 'satisfyingly spicy' as well as tangy sweet and fruity.  It sounds like they will work well for a sweet chilli sauce or a chutney of some description.  Thank you Chel.  Since I took these pics they are starting to change colour a little.

My comfrey plants mounting a global takeover

Thank you for having a look around the garden with me.  



  1. Glad the chillies are growing, Barb. My elderberry which is just over 12 months old is growing so quickly, has flowered and it looks like berries on it. I didn't think they got berries for a few years. I thought I was seeing things. LOL!

    1. Yes Chel, I'm very much looking forward to putting mine in the ground, maybe next spring. They certainly get roots quickly when you pop them in water. I have another cutting coming along now.

  2. My tumeric took a while to come up too. Though its been up for a few months now. I thought it was dead after my ginger took off. But I suppose it needs warmer night temperatures to get up, than ginger does. I always can't wait until harvest in autumn/winter, to see what's happening under the soil. Nice to see your vegetable garden growing though.

    1. Hi Chris, It was quite a surprise to see the turmeric. Thanks for visiting with me.

  3. I'm so impressed by your cucumbers!! I lost all mine save one in that heat wave a while back. But I salvaged the one and am trying to encourage it as best I can. :-)

    1. Hi Krista, the cucs really seem to enjoy the hot, humid weather we're having right now. You can almost stand back and watch them grow. No doubt your's will be jumping out of the ground soon too.