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Monday, 4 January 2016

Resumption of normal service (well sort of)

Happy new year to you!  Are we refreshed, bright eyed and raring to go? Not here - the summer cold has struck and I'm stuffed up and fresh out of voice.  Which is a problem because I am the sole entertainer for a 10 year old girl for a couple of days until we return her to her Dad.

So far she has swum in the pool - that was the real reason we got it Lynda ;)  She has bounced on the trampoline, she has fed the chooks and sheep and collected eggs.  In the evenings and whenever else she can talk us into it we have played countless Uno tournaments.  She is disgusted that she has yet to win such a tournament.

New Year's Eve was uneventful until she had a "technicolour yawn" at 10 minutes to 12 and her poor Dad had to clean it all up.  

Right now she is diligently "sewing" if you call me threading the needle, tying the knots, cutting the thread etc sewing. Anyway, she's enjoying it and saying that she's getting pretty good at it now.

Love the ratty hair following the swimming pool.

The item she's sewing is a gingerbread man which is part of a kit from Aldi that Santa brought her.

After she gets bored with the sewing we'll settle down for a movie afternoon with some choccie that she bought for me because I was sick.

Anyway, my thread cutting skills are being called for.  



  1. I'm so sorry you're sick! And really hope you get some rest time in on these rainy days. XO

  2. Thanks Krista, glad you're home safe and sound after your travels. Loved the sunburned Aussie photo.

  3. Hi Barb, I am a bit late with this. Hope you are better again and enjoyed the rain. Will have to catch up when you are in town and not babysitting ;-)

  4. Too cute! Never underestimate the power of these moments. They will pay dividends in the future.