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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Electronics and consumables

We recently bought a new computer printer after our previous one 'carked' it as my Dad would say.  Isn't it marvellous how inexpensive these items have become - that is until you want to replace an ink cartridge or similar consumable.

The printer we bought was from memory in the range of $35, and the ink I just bought online was $52 odd for one black and one colour.  I forgot to look on E bay of course, so I may be able to get that number down a bit lower.  Still.

The most disappointing thing of all is the packaging involved.  Just look at this for two little cartridges - humm.

I am still processing tomatoes, I estimate one more picking and that should call it done.  I have run out of pasta sauce bottles and am now freezing the product in takeaway containers.  

Last Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary and we took the opportunity of visiting the Rudd's Pub in a nearby town for dinner.  Ironically, we won the R.F.S. raffle for which the prize was a meat tray - clearly something we already have heap of.  We didn't think until too late to donate the meat tray back for them to re-raffle as we were too stunned at winning anything.  Anyway a lovely selection came home with us.

Our Jessie goes into surgery on Tuesday for a double cruciate ligament replacement on her hind legs.  She did one early last week and then the other two days later.  The good folks at Warwick Vet Clinic have been excellent, having only a week ago done surgery on her ear following her cracking the cartilage and forming a haematoma there.  She still has what I call a kitchen sponge stitched onto her ear to prevent the haematoma from reforming.  So, the stitches will come out of her ear and will go into both her hind legs.  I pray at it all goes well and she recovers, with the inevitable arthritis to follow.  She will need to board at the house of one of the vets as we have stairs and I can't manage to carry her down, as she's too heavy for me.  I tried last week, and we both ended up on the ground so I can't risk it.
Our beautiful girl Jessie

The weather has taken a lovely turn this weekend.  The days, while still warm, are better than the last couple of weeks, there seems to be a hint of Autumn in the air in the early mornings and the nights are so much better for sleeping now.  No rain however, we could do with some. 

Cheers, Barb.


  1. Barb,you are right about the rain! Lovely doggie. So sad when they get sick and old. I know what you mean about the printer cartridges. We have the same ones. I watch out for sales at BigW and that is the only time I buy them.I don't think there is any rain forecast unfortunately.

  2. Hi Barb, every day it looks like rain here but we don't get any, fingers crossed for the next few days, we are supposed to have a wet April so that is sometjing to look forward to.

    I had a couple of printers die, for no reason, no action, just weird messages on the display....my daughter tells me that if you don't print something every 2 or 3 weeks they can just seize up or shut down.

  3. We need rain ladies; I hope they're right Margaret a wet April would be just the ticket. Our printer was never the same when a builder let some wood shavings fall into the back of it, no matter what we did, it just refused to work again.