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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Windmill crashed

A long hiatus I know, I just lost the motivation for a lot of things the last few months.  Also I'm mucking about with the page layout and appearance, so apologies for any weirdness. Anyway here we are again.

There have been a few changes and events here since March but the most recent and perhaps mostly impacting on our daily life: our windmill blew over.  I know, not what you would expect right?  It was there Saturday evening and not there (well not upright anyway) on Sunday morning. We knew it was windy, but there must have be some pretty fierce gusts for this to happen.

It does look sad 

So the insurance assessor has been and scratched his head a bit and then said they will get it repaired.  We just don't know how long it will take at the minute.  The windmill is a pretty important piece of infrastructure here as it supplies the house, the garden and the stock with water.  As we have not had much rain out of the various "weather events" that the east coast of Australia has experienced, we are being very careful with water usage.

Fingers crossed that things are back right again in the near future.