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Friday, 26 August 2016

Girl Pigs

So two of our girl pigs have arrived today.  Meet Marguerite (left) and Priscilla (right).  They and two other females and two boars will make up our foundation breeding group.  They are being housed in one of our chook tractors until they are familiar with us and their new surroundings.  They seem to have settled right in, eating and drinking quite happily and enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

I'm looking forward to getting them used to me so I can go in and give them a scratch and some treats.  Our dog Jessie, is a real Mum, she's taken up residence beside them and watches over them. They seem to like her, perhaps because like them, she has dark colouring.


  1. Very cute little pigs, Barb. You would have liked to be able to use your gloves this weekend with the cold weather. Hopefully you will be able to pick them up soon.

    1. Chel, I have to come up this week, maybe we can catch up for a cuppa.

  2. Oh....exciting. Margy and Prissy have their work cut out for them by the sounds. All the very best of luck with this enterprise.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too Lynda. They are real little divas.

  4. I look forward about hearing all of your piggy adventures.

  5. A great investment, and an opportunity to have more learning adventures on the land. :)

    Look forward to hearing more as they develop.