Saturday, 8 April 2017


In my last post I was thinking about the potential success of growing sub-tropical & tropical fruit here on the southern Darling Downs.  Thanks girls for your suggestions and encouragement; it has spurred me on.  I am planning for a mulberry and perhaps some blueberries.  We have some papaw trees growing on the western side of our carport and they have survived.  When we had frosts I put a couple of old sheets over them and it seemed to help.

The suggestion of rocks or bricks around the base of trees to retain the heat into the night will be taken on board as will all the others.  Peter is getting more active outside now - he seems to like mowing at the moment - I suppose he can sit while doing this - whereas digging is limited as you can imagine.  He's now got a program of hydrotherapy and also exercises he can do at home so things are improving there.  Its more the memory/cognitive function that we may need to spend regular time on.

We have had a couple of chooks who always like to escape the chook yard working in a tractor over veggie garden beds and that is giving me valuable help in doing over the gardens for winter.  I've yet to plant any seeds, having been away more than I've been here the last few weeks due to my Mum being in and out of hospital.  As she says 'getting old is a bugger'.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some weather type pics this morning, mainly because I haven't taken any garden pics in a while.

Looks like it is on fire     

Looking NW towards Toowoomba

 And perhaps a sunset for good measure...

Like my visitor bell? - an op shop find 
I will have some garden pics soon, promise :)

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


My friend Chel at goinggreyandslightlygreen was talking on her blog recently about letting her veggie garden go due to the extended heatwave Queensland has experienced this summer.  I did the same but it was for a different reason, but really, unless I get the whole veggie garden under shade cloth, it seems pointless to try and keep things limping along in the height of summer these days.

The other day I was pondering how hot the summer are now and how the last two winters have been relatively mild in my area, and I wondered about the possibility of planting more sub-tropical suitable plants, particularly fruit trees.  The climate in our area varies according to which website you look at, but they predominantly say warm temperate to temperate.  It is definitely warm, can be slightly warmer (but less humid thank goodness) than coastal areas most of the time.  Our winters are colder yes, but not for all that long and day time temps are not unreasonable.

I'm not getting into the whole climate change debate except to say that gardeners and farmers would have a pretty good feel for how things are changing weather-wise.  I'm off the trawl through some catalogues just for a dream of what might be possible in the future.



Monday, 30 January 2017


As usual, I'm about two months behind other gardeners who probably harvested their garlic back in December.

I finally dug mine up a couple of weeks ago and this evening I cleaned it up ready for sharing and using.  I'm sure I didn't dig up all the bulbs, so at least I'll have a head start on planting time.

It was very relaxing just sitting their with the garlic skins all around me.  That is my little hand embroidered garlic bag that I hang on the side of the fridge for easy access.

I want to mince some in oil for keeping in the fridge as well as infusing oil in bottles for gifts.  Perhaps I'll also try drying some to make garlic flakes and salt.

We had our first full weekend on leave from the hospital this weekend, with family joining us for lunch at a local pub.  Peter did very well but was very tired and in some pain by the end of the four days.

This week we have a meeting with the health care team at the rehab unit which hopefully will give us an indication of discharge date and the potential return to work outlook.  It has been a long road and no doubt further to travel yet, but things are moving in the right direction.  I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers, we are just so grateful. From us to you xxxx...