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Saturday, 9 September 2017


We had a bit of excitement in our area this afternoon.  One of our neighbours was doing some work with an angle grinder and sparks caused a grass fire on his property.  We are tinder dry at the moment, not having had any decent rain for a few months.  The fire spread very quickly fanned by a gusty wind and before long the fire had spread to the adjoining property and was fast coming towards our place as well.

You can see in the above two photos, just how quickly the fire increased in size as it raced up the hill with the wind behind it.  

The power pole on the LHS of the road is where our transformer is located, and this was where I positioned myself with one of our hoses to damp things down to try and stop the fire jumping the road if necessary.  You can see my little, inadequate hose in the photo below.  

The two properties opposite us have quite a bit of fence damage, but the four rural fire brigade crews that attended did get on top of it eventually.  It was very lucky that today was less windy than the last couple of days, otherwise I think it might have been more difficult to contain.

From our point of view, it was a good exercise - I had recently been thinking about bush fire plans and such, and there's nothing like a live run to sharpen the mind regarding these things.  We will now be changing some things to be prepared should this, or worse, happen again.


  1. Dear me Barb, that would have given you a fright. Yes, everything is tinder dry at the moment and with that wind blowing every day it is a bit scary especially if you don't live in town. Let's hope it rains soon.

  2. A scary encounter, but as you say, a good preparation exercise. Which is a real blessing. Because I know from experience with our flood, once shock sets in, it's difficult to make decisions. Now I've had the experience though, I'm better prepared to know what to do. Same with your very close call.

    I'm glad the rural fire brigade was able to help get the fire under control. I was just paying my local Council rates, recently, and saw the $15.00 levy for the Rural Fire Brigade. It's one payment I don't begrudge making. They really know their stuff, and invaluable in taking control of fires. So worth the money! Do you have to pay a levy with your Council rates?

    1. Yes Chris, we have a $37 per half year for the firies, but I also support them through raffle tickets, never know when you might need them, as we found out yesterday.

  3. Yes Barb, I have been worrying about grass fires with every thing so dry and dusty, the winds recently haven't helped. I need to start using the sprinkler around the house yard to keep it green, just in case.