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Saturday, 28 October 2017

State Rose Garden visit

We had a day out today.  With my Dad here for a couple of weeks I wanted to show him the State Rose Garden in Newtown Park in Toowoomba.  He and Mum had always wanted to go there, but never got around to it, so today we headed up there for a look around.
I had been there a few times with my Toowoomba friends, and even though it is surrounded by houses and busy streets, I find it tranquil and quite restful.
It is also Jacaranda time
Dad intends visiting Singapore for one of the orchid exhibitions they are famous for; and I thought today would be a good day for him to brush up on the close-up settings on our camera.
Although there was some evidence that the recent wet weather had impacted some of the blooms, there was still plenty to see and smell.  I noticed there had been some additions and changes since I had last been there, including a recent War Animal Memorial Garden opened only a week or so ago.  This lovely sculpture stands beside the war memorial, surrounded by Charles de Gaule roses.

The War Animal Memorial Garden
As always, the Gardens were a joy to visit and well worth making a trip to Toowoomba for.

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  1. It would have been a lovely day for a visit to the rose gardens, Barb. I didn't realise the horse monument was in that park. When I drive past I always think I should stop and look at the flowering roses as they are so beautiful.